Two is Better Than One

When you set out to find the perfect invitations for this rather nontraditional shower you may find yourself spending more time searching than you had anticipated. Who would have thought that couples showers, or wedding showers as they are sometimes called would be a challenge to organize? After all you have twice as many ready and willing volunteers than if you had focused on a more traditional shower.

That might not be your problem, however, and if you are looking for the right invitations for your couples shower then you have come to the right place. We specialize in wonderful arrangements of invitations that allow you construct your own custom set, complete with the fitting RSVP and thank you cards.

What makes the perfect invitation?

There are plenty of wedding shower invitations that not only give you a trendy look, they also offer a unique take on bridal showers as a whole.

A Modern Trend

There aren’t many bridal showers that can compete with the flexible nature of a couples shower. And if you have ever been invited to one you will know why that are becoming the most popular trend among young couples. The reason is easy to see, due to the uniting nature of this shower you couples have been given the chance that wasn’t afforded to them before. A couple shower has many of the same traditions as the bridal showers of the past.

You can expect to enjoy good company, eat tasty food, and engage with your friends in a laid back atmosphere (silly games). But there is one more important aspect that should be kept in mind. You get to do all of this, and you get to do it together as a couple.

Couples showers don’t have a long history, but they do have a history of being spectacularly popular with almost all of the people who were invited to one.

And now it is your turn.

We have plenty of great invitation suggestions to get your guests to your wedding shower. Here are a couple of fun ideas to get you started.

Jack & Jill Shower

This is another name for the shower that you may or may not have heard of before. The reason we felt that it was a good idea to include it here was to give you a brief background into what makes these types of couples showers stand out from the rest. One of the things to remember is that a bridal shower, while it might feel like a party, is actually a more formal celebration. One of the common mistakes you’ll find a host makes is taking away the formal nature and making it a real p-a-r-t-y.

A Jack and Jill shower will have the couple celebrating a reserved party more in tune with what many of your guests will expect from a wedding shower. When you choose to tone things back you can be certain that you will appeal to the majority of your attendees.

Finding the right balance is important when you host a couples bridal shower and this style will give you a good guide to follow.

Barbecue Shower

If you plan to make it more informal one of the best types of shower is probably the BBQ shower. They are essentially a barbecue party with a purpose.

While this might seem like the perfect wedding shower to host it is a good idea to run it by the bride and groom ahead of time. In most instances they will jump at the idea, but you might be surprised, we still have plenty of romantics among us and they tend to pick a more traditional bridal shower.

If you do select this as the theme for the couples shower we have plenty of great ideas for invitations. Just be clear in the text that it will in fact be a shower honoring the soon to be newly weds. This will help dispel any uncertainty your guests might have about what it is they are being asked to attend. One reason this is important is because your turnout will usually be higher when they know that they are being invited to a bridal shower.

Also read the tips below on how to make this a memorable shower.

Traditional Couples Showers

What site on couples showers would be complete if we didn’t review this wonderful opportunity in its most basic form? A wedding shower first came about a co-ed version of the bridal shower. That means that the theme wasn’t so much different from what many guests had experienced in the past, only that the groom was present as well as a few other men that were invited.

Not much was changed in the direction of invitations, decorations, or even tone. This was a nicety for the bride and it provided a chance for the wedding guests to met her future husband ahead of time.

As you can imagine this type of couples shower is by far the most formal way to host the celebration. You might also understand why they have begun to fall out of fashion in recent years in favor of some of the other options. While they might not be as popular many people will still choose invitations fitting with a traditional or formal bridal shower.

One of the reasons for this choice is because of the simpler more reserved nature of the invitations.

This provides structure and context for the celebration while alluding to the uniting aspect of the couples shower. If you have more experience planning a more traditional bridal shower but want to include the groom as well then this option might be what you are looking for. Just be aware that they aren’t nearly as popular as they once were.

Common Couples Shower Mistakes

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when you sit down to plan the couples’ shower. There aren’t a lot of things that you can do wrong when it comes to planning a wedding shower, but there are little mistakes that can make it less successful than it deserves to be.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the different things that might trip you up while you are making your plans. We have included a timeline for you so that you can stay on schedule when it comes to mailing out your invitations.

BBQ and Booze

Sometimes you just really want to kick back and relax. In situations like this you will be well suited for a couples shower. This can take on many different forms. And a common one is the BBQ wedding shower.

Well, like with all good things moderation is important. And when it comes to a BBQ shower you will want to focus on good food. And beer is a popular compliment to a rack of ribs. But when you host a couples shower with this as the main topic make sure that your guests don’t have a chance to drink until they drop. While this might be acceptable at other types of parties this can be disastrous for any shower.

The reason is an easy on to guess, but due to the different demographics that will be attending it just wouldn’t be appropriate to let certain guests indulge and leave the other attendees to sit around and watch.

So if you intend to serve alcoholic beverages you need to make sure that it is in moderation for a successful wedding shower with or without the burgers.

Gender Inequality

While you might blow this one off as being, well, silly. There is a risk associated with throwing a couples shower.

When you choose to host a shower for the young couples you need to keep them in mind. Since there will be a mixture of guests coming to the celebration if you focus on one gender more than the other you have a good chance to make one of them feel out of place.

This can easily be remedied by choosing decorations and accessories that would fit with a general party. The theme is irrelevant, just as long as it doesn’t convey too much masculinity or femininity.

If you don’t keep this in mind you may have a lively shower on one side of the room and be able to hear the crickets chirp on the other side.

Make sure that this doesn’t happen, make plans that will appeal to your guests and will wow the people you are there to honor.

Over Planning

Planning bridal showers are a lot of fun. And a couples shower isn’t any different.

When you start planning things have a way of falling in to place and one thing will lead to another. The more success you have planning the festivities the more you will want to do. But at some point you will have to stop planning and start putting those plans into action.

It might seem like a good idea to get everything worked out in advance, but in all fairness this will never happen.

Several things can pop up if you spend too much time planning. They are:

  1. You will run short on time with plans too complicated to put into action
  2. Your plans will be too big, too complicated, and many times too expensive

If you feel that this is happening to you as you plan the couples’ shower you can ask a friend or family member to go over your plans with you and help you decide what is reasonable and what might be better left out.

Don’t Procrastinate

One of the biggest reasons a couples shower might get a bumpy start, or better yet a late start is if you procrastinate. While it isn’t nearly as difficult to plan a shower than most people think, it can be more work if you procrastinate.

When you plan a wedding shower, you usually start many months in advance, this means that you have plenty of time to start putting things together and make small changes when things lend themselves to improvements. This all becomes much more involved if you wait too long during the planing and preparation stage of the couples shower. And you run the risk of needing to make cuts rather than making compromises.

Invitations are one of the aspects of a couples shower that need to be taken care of early into the planning phase so that you have plenty of opportunities to make the arrangements that follow once you have a clear idea who will be attending.

It is easy to get carried away when it comes to a couples shower, but it is also easy to push things off. Either of these two run the risk in making your hosting duties less than enjoyable. Instead of that why don’t you make the entire experience both easy as well as rewarding. By making sure you stay on track you can avoid all of the different things we’ve just discussed and make the entire shower one that not only fulfills the couples that is attending but you as well.

Couples Shower Invitation Timeline

Sometimes people will enquirer if there is a lot that they need to change when it comes to hosting a couples rather than a bridal shower; the answer is most certainly no. To help some of you that have never hosted either, however, we have put together a short list of tips that will get your guests invited to the shower.

If you have ever been to a wedding or to any large event it is certain you have noticed how early the invitation arrived at your door.

The reason is simple, when you plan a large party or an event like a shower you need to know early on how many people will be attending. This gives you a chance to make the appropriate plans and obtain the party supplies that you’ll need for the guests. Of course not everybody that attends will make the effort to return your RSVP and not everyone that sends the RSVP will actually come, but that is beside the point. In the end they tend to all work out. But you will need to send the invitations on time.

Here is a peak at the dates that you will want to keep in mind while you make your preparations.

Six weeks before the shower is the ideal time to plan on hosting a bridal shower. That means that you will need to get the invitations sent out four to six weeks before that. There are some people that will tell you that two to four weeks is enough, this is simply not true. Two weeks before the shower would simply be too late. And while four weeks is stretching it, you can use a little trick to help get people prepared for the shower if you haven’t gotten the invitations by then.

What you will need to do is spread some word of mouth that a wedding shower will be held on a certain date. You can do this on a person to person level or you can make it widely known on your social media platform of choice.

Be aware that if you take the latter of the two options, some people might expect to be invited that you don’t have on the list.

This can lead to embarrassment if you don’t invite them or they come to the shower unannounced. In cases like this the person touch is better so make sure you go for the first option.

Still the best option is to get your couples shower invitations sent out on time. That means finalizing your plans as soon as possible. When you get your invitations sent you only need to check off a list with the RSVPs.

Speaking of the RSVP, if you don’t get the invitations set on time you stand a chance on getting a less than stellar response to your request for an RSVP. Even with modern technology the way it is you will be surprised how many people will wait until the last minute to let you know that they will be attending the shower. So make sure that you provide them with many different options to respond, that means the RSVP card along with the invitation plus one or two digital means to tell you they will be coming.

A couples shower is a great way to take a more traditional shower and give it a modern spin. They make for a relaxing and memorable celebration when they are done right. So don’t miss out on an opportunity to wow them with your creative take on the bridal shower!

There are plenty of wonderful resources out there as well as bridal shower checklists that help you stay on track when it comes to getting things under control.

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