This Season is Wedding Shower Season

Now that is disappointing, or is it? There are so many different ways to celebrate a bridal shower but when it comes to couples there aren’t a lot of options. Or are there? We’re pleased to tell you that there are in fact many different ways to pick out a topic for your wedding shower that you might not be aware of.

In fact there are as many options for a couples shower as there are for other shower types. All it takes is a little creativity and desire to wow your guests with that same creativity and you’ll have an amazing shower that rivals just about every other type of bridal shower out there.

A couple of the most popular types of bridal shower are the seasonal sort. And why not. It is a great idea to embrace the time of year when you host a bridal shower. And you can of course use them as a guide for the different options at your disposal. Here are a couple of the different ways you can take a seasonal wedding shower.

  1. Fall: Warm pie, bright orange decorations and a penchant for nutmeg
  2. Winter: A cup of tea, warm atmosphere, and yes that delicious cake your friends all rave about
  3. Spring: The year is starting too come into bloom, make that the focal point of the couples’ shower
  4. Summer: Beer, BBQ, and a really fun afternoon relaxing before the walk down the aisle

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